Government Webinar: Improving Your Investigations with Nuix

Find out why government organizations choose Nuix

Designed specifically for government investigators, this webinar will show you how to effectively use Nuix technology to manage your in-house forensic investigations.

Whether you’re looking to augment your legacy technology, completely replace what you use in-house, or review new tools to start an investigations team, this webinar will introduce some of the exciting features of Nuix 6 for investigations.

Craig Guymon, Senior Sales Engineer at Nuix will illustrate:

  • How to create a Nuix case: Identify the difference between simple and compound cases, the many processing options, and how to pre-filter.
  • How to ingest/process disparate data sets: Ingest forensic images, cell phone data, EDC/PST, NSF email, ZIP/RAR and other compound files.
  • What analysis looks like within Nuix: Search, filter, visualize data, review metadata profiles, script, and tag/exclude items.
  • How to export through Nuix: Export visualizations, view results pane, subsets and reports.

Watch the webinar on demand now.