How to Adopt a Collaborative Workflow for Faster Digital Forensic Investigations

Digital forensic investigations have been growing larger and more complicated. More often than not it’s impossible for a lone analyst to complete a multi-faceted, multi-device case within a strict deadline using traditional methodologies. That’s why it makes sense to turn to technology and colleagues for assistance.

This webinar will take you through an investigation into an international diamond smuggling ring. We will show how you can intelligently and defensibly reduce your workload using technology and collaboration.

We’ll demonstrate how case officers can analyse simple files (for example documents, emails, and chat logs) within Nuix Web Review and Analytics, while forensic investigators can examine forensic artefacts such as the registry and jump lists using Nuix Workstation – all at the same time.

Your featured speakers:

  • Malcolm Jeffries - Senior Solutions Consultant, Nuix
  • Aidan Jewell - Solutions Consultant, Nuix