Insider Threats: Protecting Data During eDiscovery

Engaging in the eDiscovery process entails collecting and managing vast amounts of information and data - data with sensitive and high value information. Insiders can pose a significant risk of compromising your data, which can damage your company’s interests and reputation, resulting in significant financial losses.

Join our experts in this webinar as they address the vulnerabilities that you face during the eDiscovery process, the specific types of threats that insiders can present, and practical advice to prevent and address potential insider threats.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The vulnerabilities in data and information management during eDiscovery
  • The risks of intentional or accidental compromise posed by insiders
  • Practical tips for detecting and deterring potential insider threats

Angela Bunting

Vice President – eDiscovery

Angela Bunting is a highly skilled technologist and consultant who has worked with unstructured and structured data technologies for more than 18 years. She is one of Australia’s electronic discovery pioneers and has held technical and managerial roles at global law firm King Wood Mallesons and Law in Order, the country’s leading litigation support bureau. Angela is an active contributor to the Australian technology and eDiscovery communities, supporting programs such as Girl Geeks, Code Dojo and Women in eDiscovery.


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Michael Wilkinson

Director, Security & Intelligence, Asia-Pacific

Michael Wilkinson is a leading cybersecurity incident response and digital forensics practitioner who has conducted hundreds of data breach investigations around the world and helped large enterprisesand government agencies improve their incident response capability. At Nuix he helps customers improve their threat readiness through process review, training, security consulting and threat advisory.

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