Intelligence Sharing in Forensic Investigations

Intelligence sharing in forensic investigations | Battling the digital crimes and cyber threat of today

Sometimes it’s hard enough just keeping in mind all the details of the case you’re working on right now. But what if the key to your current case is lying in a file you worked on last year? What if it’s in a matter one of your colleagues or another agency is investigating?

This webinar will discuss the value and practical details of extracting, sharing and cross-referencing intelligence from multiple cases. It will explore the state of intelligence gathering, examine various scenarios and look at obstacles to - and best practices for - effective collaboration.

We will also demonstrate some brilliant features introduced by Nuix 7 such as the ability to index data to Elasticsearch. This will allow you to investigate even larger datasets while retaining the power, defensibility and speed of Nuix.

Watch our webinar on demand to find out:

  • Why intelligence is an important part of digital investigations
  • How to use technology to extract and consolidate vital intelligence that could be the key to your next investigations
  • How easy it is to miss critical evidence if you don't share intelligence
  • More about the Nuix Engine with Elasticsearch and graph database.

Carl Barron

Senior Solutions Consultant

Carl is a Senior Solutions Consultant with Nuix, having joined the company in March 2012. He provides pre and post-sale consultancy, technical support and solution implementation. Carl brings a wide variety of knowledge in both hardware and software with an enthusiast approach to help customers improve workflows. Prior to joining Nuix, Carl worked as a Forensic Technician for a leading Litigation Support Vendor in London.


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Adam Hickson

Head of Public Sector EMEA, Nuix

Adam is a Head of Public Sector with Nuix across EMEA region, having joined the company in January 2014, and works with a wide range of customers and partners. Adam has been working in the field of complex data analytics for about 18 years and has a passion for assisting organisations use all their data and technology assets to help turn data into actionable information.  

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