Migrate in Weeks, Not Years to Office 365

Making the decision to move to Office 365 is easy. The business productivity benefits of Microsoft’s cloud platform are undeniable. The challenging part is figuring out a way to migrate your historical content to your new Office 365 environment. Leaving your legacy email archive in place is usually not an option. Moving terabytes of data to Office 365’s Personal Archives is a daunting task that could take years. Enter Nuix Intelligent Migration.

Nuix’s patented processing engine allows you to migrate data in weeks, not years. Nuix is by far the fastest and most scalable technology in the market today for migrating legacy email archives to Office 365. So now you can make the legacy archive part of your migration easy too.

During this webinar, you will learn how you can:   

  • Bypass the legacy archive’s API, avoiding issues with corrupt databases and indexes
  • Migrate terabytes of data per day
  • Analyze and categorize messages before migration and only migrate what you need
  • Automatically convert journal archives to mailbox archives and email files or databases from one format to another (such as from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange) in a single step
  • Use Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform to work around slow internet connections