Nuix Bytes: Technical Investigations Videos

Metadata Profiles

This video will show you how to quickly configure metadata profiles in Nuix 6.0 so that you are only viewing the data you are interested in. The profiles are also easily copied and shared with other users, as well as other Nuix products such as Nuix Web Review & Analytics.

Extracted Entities

Learn how to utilize named entity extraction over the course of an investigation including how to add your own regular expressions to Nuix’s default set of pre-defined named entities and the processing settings related to named entity extraction.

Advanced Forensic Filters

Understand Nuix 6.0 investigation filter capacity and learn how to routinely utilize filters alongside search bar and search bar queries

Viewing Your Data

This video will walk you through the many ways Nuix can display data to you, including some useful visualizations such as communication mapping.

Searching Your Data

Learn how powerful the Nuix search engine is, from basic search syntax to complicated queries and advanced search functions.

Using Analytics

See the visual analytics capabilities within Nuix, including timeline and network view, and learn how you can incorporate them into your workflow and utilize them during a case.

Tagging and Bookmarking Data

This video will show you how you can tag files within Nuix so that you can build reports, mark files as relevant and easily find them again.