Responding Efficiently to Major Data Breaches

Data – your agency’s most valuable asset – is at increasingly higher risk. More than ever you need to take every opportunity to understand it, manage it, protect it from the damaging impacts of a data breach, and be prepared for prompt notification in the event of a breach. Government agencies are experiencing the same explosion of data stores that industry continues to struggle with. Your agency is very likely storing massive amounts of information about people including internal staff, citizens, or persons of interest. You’re responsible to protect that information. Within government, data loss, theft, and misuse are common, and cybersecurity practitioners admit that they are powerless to prevent every attack they face.

As a result, every agency has a duty to promptly notify affected individuals if their information has been compromised, misused, or destroyed. Rapid breach response begins with preparation. Act now, ahead of a breach, to better understand and prioritize the private data your agency holds. This will give you the best chance to act, and react, when you face a breach. Each agency currently has the power to design programs that will enable prompt notification when critical value data is compromised. Join our team of experts to hear how you can establish systems and processes that protect your agency from risks of data breaches and see how, in the event of a breach, you can ensure rapid investigation and response.