Scaling for the Future: Digital Investigations

Investigators are under increasing pressure to respond to Big Data challenges that are further compounded by a greater and more diverse range of digital devices. Key facts are often spread across multiple evidence sources and an investigation is typically multidimensional encompassing multiple people, objects, locations, and events. Investigators need more efficient workflows to strive for Intelligence Driven Investigations that harness automation to avoid becoming swamped by big data.

Wath the on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How machine learning and artificial intelligence are vital for the future of  intelligence-driven investigations.
  • Techniques that support collaboration across geographic and jurisdictional boundaries and the sharing of intelligence. 
  • How to understand and identify the hidden connections across large numbers of evidence sources that will deliver insights in complex cases.
  • The right mixture of machine and human resources when responding to cyber-related incidents.
Stuart Clarke

Stuart Clarke

Head of Security & Intelligence Solutions

Stuart is an internationally respected information security expert who is responsible for the overall security and intelligence strategy and delivery at Nuix. During his time at the company, Stuart has advised the United Nations’ peak cybersecurity body ITU and provided cybersecurity training for over 60 computer emergency response teams. He led the development of Nuix Investigation & Response, an innovative investigative tool used to delve into the causes and scope of data breaches.

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