Sharing Intelligence in Forensic Investigations

Sometimes it’s hard enough just keeping in mind all the details of the case you’re working on right now. But what if the key to your current case is lying in a file you worked on last year? What if it’s in a matter one of your colleagues or another agency is investigating?

In this webinar, our panel of investigation experts will discuss the value and practical details of extracting, sharing and cross-referencing intelligence from multiple cases. They will explore the state of intelligence gathering, examine various scenarios and look at obstacles to and best practices for effective collaboration.

Join our webinar and learn how to:   

  • Use technology to extract and consolidate vital intelligence that could be the key to your next investigations
  • Share forensic intelligence quickly and efficiently with other investigative agencies

Our panel of experts include:

  • Blazer Catzen - CEO, Catzen Forensics (Moderator)
  • Ken Zatyko - Senior Manager, Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services (FIDS), Ernst & Young LLP
  • Keith Thomas - Digital Forensics and Investigations Expert, Nuix
  • Brian Hedquist - VP of Marketing, ADF Solutions Inc.