Theory to Practice: Insider Threat Lessons from Waymo vs. Uber

Well-placed insiders, covert meetings, secret world-changing technology, and huge sums of money changing hands—sounds like the latest spy novel, right? But it’s not; this is a true story, where data is the main character in the Waymo vs Uber case.

Data is an organization's most valuable asset. Just ask your most determined adversary, keen on stealing your intellectual property for financial gain. Do you have the right strategy in place to protect your critical value assets?

If that plan doesn’t include a system and process that gives you 360-degree visibility into users’ behavior, and links those behaviors with network data, emails, texts, digital, social media, and mobile forensic artifacts, you aren’t as protected as you think. The Waymo vs Uber case offers us a valuable, real-world situation to learn from and guide our own practices.

Join our CTO, Stephen Stewart, and SVP and former naval intelligence officer Keith Lowry, to learn how organizations are combining traditional investigations, eDiscovery, and cybersecurity tactics to defend their organizations from insider threats.

We'll cover:

  • The latest twists and turns of the Waymo vs Uber case
  • How you can apply counterintelligence techniques to combat industrial espionage
  • How organizations can gain a 360-degree investigative view of their environment, and be ready for their next digital threat.
Stephen Stewart

Stephen Stewart

Chief Technology Officer

Stephen has over 15 years of experience working with both public and private sector organizations to provide solutions for their email, file, and document management/archiving challenges. He joined Nuix in 2008 and has helped numerous financial institutions to develop, design, and implement solutions to meet both their storage and regulatory requirements.

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Keith Lowry

Keith Lowry

Former Senior Vice President, Nuix USG

Keith has 30 years of experience implementing, managing, and directing insider threat, counterintelligence, and intelligence collection programs. He is a former law enforcement officer and High-Technology Crime Unit detective with the City of San Jose, California and a retired United States Navy Captain.

He also served as Chief of Staff to the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Human Intelligence, Counterintelligence and Security at the Pentagon, and as an information security consultant in the private sector.

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