Working Smarter: Analyzing Vast Data Sets

Tired of trudging through case after case with an ever-growing backlog? Join digital evidence specialist Robert O’Leary for a webinar on making the most effective use of technology to manage your in-house digital investigations.

Watch our webinar on demand to learn how to:

  • Triage, process, analyse, and bring to the surface critical facts across vast amounts of evidence.
  • Extract images and videos from thousands of data formats, device types, and storage technologies using Nuix Investigator.

Your speakers:

  • Robert O'Leary - Sales Engineer, Nuix
  • Sean Allocca - Editor, Forensic Magazine (Moderator)



Robert J. O'Leary

Sales Engineer, Nuix

Robert O’Leary has 25 years of experience in digital evidence examination, electronic crime investigation, incident response and cybersecurity assessments.

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