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Complex Problems//Single Solution

$200+  MILLION

invested in R&D since 2008


in Australia and the United States


and more than 100 others


Superior processing.

The Nuix Engine extracts text and in-depth metadata from thousands of data types and file formats – far more than any competing technology.

Supreme scalability.

Our patented parallel processing technology makes short work of whatever information you feed into it, no matter how little or how much you have.

Analytics & machine learning.

Nuix software extensively uses data visualization, predictive analytics and machine learning to reduce repetitive busy-work and find hidden connections.

At the heart of our software is the Nuix Engine, a supercharged data processing platform. The Nuix Engine normalizes data: extracting it from sources, indexing, enriching and analyzing the distilled text and metadata. Get to the heart of data with speed, scale and forensic accuracy. 

Our Impact

for truth

Hear from the world’s leading security, financial and government agencies on how partnering with Nuix has made the difference.

Our Partners.

We are proud to partner with a diverse range of customers who use our software to drive their businesses forward.

These valued partners enable our technologies and extend our capability to ensure success for our customers.

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