Confidence In Your Data

How process and technology decisions determine data quality during Discovery—and why you should care

Litigators tend not to worry about the quality of data in discovery. After all, discovery is something done for the other side. It’s burdensome, and when it comes to eDiscovery, lawyers may lack the technical knowledge to detect and correct data quality issues. Even with best intentions, data quality issues can be difficult to detect, tending to come to light only when the opposition finds what you’ve missed.

Data quality issues carry serious consequences. They increase the cost, time, and effort of eDiscovery, especially when data must be reprocessed and re-reviewed. Data quality issues increase the risk you will miss information detrimental or beneficial to your case. Serious data quality issues will prompt courts to compel costly curative measures, appoint a special master—an independent expert who helps resolve eDiscovery problems, or impose sanctions.

This paper will examine the common issues that occur during eDiscovery processing.


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