Content-Based Forensic Triage

Content-Based Forensic Triage - Managing Digital Investigations in the Age of Big Data

Rapidly growing, moving and changing data has made traditional digital forensics software and methodologies unsustainable. An emerging approach that prioritizes electronic evidence based on its content and context can greatly increase efficiency for time and resource-limited investigators.

Only one application currently available can manage the content-based forensic triage process from start to finish. This makes Nuix a superior alternative to legacy computer forensics application.

Nuix provides deeper context and analysis than keyword searching, allowing investigators to match up clusters of related documents and common groupings of words. It also performs detailed forensic analyzes on deleted files, slack space, the Windows Registry and mobile device images. Content-based forensic triage saves considerable time and effort. It enables overworked investigators and cash-strapped law enforcement agencies to find answers faster and make serious inroads into their backlog of cases.

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