Email Archive Migration

Email Archive Migration

When faced with the need to upgrade legacy email archives, most organizations focus on finding the best new platform for their needs. When selecting the next-generation email archive platform they want to migrate to, they issue RFPs, request on-site vendor meetings, complete extensive proofs of concept of the technologies and check references.

Some organizations will chose a destination platform for required functionality, such as searching, exporting, or data expiry. Others are looking to reduce the costs of running storage hardware in-house, or simply to make it someone else’s problem. However, few realize another factor will have just as much impact on the success or failure of their transition: the choice of email archive migration technology.

Download and read the “Email Archive Migration: The Journey is More Important than the Destination” information paper and gain insights such as:

  • The four roadblocks you may face on the email archive migration journey
  • The smarter way forward – make informed decisions about which data to migrate and which to leave behind
  • How to ensure a faster, smoother journey

Download our information paper now to learn why the journey is more important than the destination in your choice of email data migration software.


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