It's All About the Data

Most enterprises use different software for various parts of the business to search and manage their unstructured, human-generated data. The legal department may have eDiscovery or contract management software; risk and compliance might have forensic investigation tools; records managers may have dedicated records management applications.

These different parts of the business all ask questions about the same unstructured data. So why not use one tool to provide the answers?

This paper will show how you can apply a data-centric approach across diverse business areas including eDiscovery, digital investigation, cybersecurity, privacy and other enterprise information challenges.

We will also show how, having cracked open the content of unstructured data, your organization can develop processes and competencies that will reduce costs, improve efficiency and deliver new sources of business value.


Angela Bunting

Vice President – eDiscovery

Angela Bunting is a highly skilled technologist and consultant who has worked with unstructured and structured data technologies for more than 18 years. She is one of Australia’s electronic discovery pioneers and has held technical and managerial roles at global law firm King Wood Mallesons and Law in Order, the country’s leading litigation support bureau. Angela is an active contributor to the Australian technology and eDiscovery communities, supporting programs such as Girl Geeks, Code Dojo and Women in eDiscovery.


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