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The faster cybersecurity investigators can identify and contain data breaches, the less cost and damage their organization will suffer. Actionable intelligence allows investigators to spend less time searching and more on analysis and solving problems. But where does this intelligence come from?

An important aspect of intelligence for investigators is knowing where to look and which questions to ask, based on expertise and experience. However, there are only so many practitioners in the world who have these skills. Growing demand for their services can make the cost of hiring or contracting them prohibitive. Rather, organizations need a way to encapsulate this expert knowledge into a technology framework.

This paper will examine how such a technology framework would prove advantageous when investigating two common scenarios:

  • In an insider data breach, rapidly identifying the forensic artifacts that show where a file of interest was accessed from, when, and by whom
  • In an external web server attack, decoding and identifying log entries that indicate a SQL injection attack

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