Putting Perspective Back Into Discovery

shift your perspective on ediscovery

Shift Your Perspective on eDiscovery

“Never, never, never, on cross examination ask a witness a question you don’t already know the answer to ...  Do it, and you’ll often get an answer you don’t want, an answer that might wreck your case.” – To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee

While many attorneys heed these famous words in court, how often do we apply this very simple principle at the start of a case? With the advent of electronic discovery, it became difficult if not impossible to put the same degree of diligence into knowing the facts of a case before setting the boundaries for discovery. This situation has led many litigants inadvertently to agree to ridiculously costly discovery responses. 

The legal profession has recognized that in most cases the current volumes of ESI involved in litigation make reviewing every document impossible. Now the focus is on making informed decisions early in the discovery process to control the amount of information that is collected, processed, and untimely reviewed. 

This paper will examine how growth in data volumes and the breadth of file types is forcing changes in the way we approach discovery. It will take a practical look at how you can use analytics earlier in your case preparations to genuinely shift your perspective on discovery.

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