Responding Efficiently to Major Data Breaches

U.S. Government Agencies Should Look Externally to Learn Some Valuable Lessons

Government agencies are subject to the same explosion of data stores that every other industry continues to struggle with. More information is being created about people, and by people, every day. More emphasis is placed on Big Data, advanced analytics, data science, and whatever other name you’d like to assign to it. 

This also means that your agency is very likely storing massive amounts of information about people: Agency staff, citizens, or persons of interest, it doesn’t matter. And you’re equally responsible to protect that information, for whatever reason you’re storing it. There’s no getting around that very basic reality, and part of protection involves a duty to notify affected individuals if their information has been compromised, misused, or destroyed.

Nuix can help companies meet their 72-hour breach notification responsibilities under the European Union General Data Protection Regulation. U.S. Government agencies that can meet those requirements are well placed to comply with less clearly written notification obligations. Download the white paper to learn more.

Keith Lowry

Keith Lowry

Former Senior Vice President, Nuix USG

Keith has 30 years of experience implementing, managing, and directing insider threat, counterintelligence, and intelligence collection programs. He is a former law enforcement officer and High-Technology Crime Unit detective with the City of San Jose, California and a retired United States Navy Captain.

He also served as Chief of Staff to the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Human Intelligence, Counterintelligence and Security at the Pentagon, and as an information security consultant in the private sector.

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