Processing and Investigation Solutions
Nuix Corporate Investigation Suite
Nuix Corporate Investigation Suite makes it easy for businesses to collect, process, analyze, review, and report on electronic evidence, all in one...
Nuix Incident Response
Nuix Incident Response reduces the gap between detection and remediation of data breaches. You can quickly discover the cause and scope of a breach,...
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A web application that empowers eDiscovery analysts and technicians to complete electronic discovery tasks much faster than before.
Investigation solutions
Quickly process large volumes of digital evidence and make it available for timely analysis with Nuix Investigator Lab
Investigation solutions
Advanced digital investigation software engineered to triage, process, analyze and bring to the surface critical evidence.
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A complete and scalable off-the-shelf solution for processing, investigation, analysis, review and production.
Room to Read
Powerful electronic investigation capabilities for just $100 per year, with all revenue going to charity.
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A powerful web application to deliver fast, collaborative eDiscovery review and true early case assessment.
Nuix Reviewer
Give multiple reviewers access to case documents, in-house or using secure, web-based remote access.
Information Governance
Sensitive data finder
Locate and classify data quickly, thoroughly, and scalably, with a minimal hardware footprint.
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Collect data from broad sources including laptops, desktops and enterprise file shares, as well as difficult-to-access repositories such as Microsoft...
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Collect electronic evidence from laptops, desktops and file shares with minimal training.
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Perform targeted collections of information from laptops, desktops, enterprise file shares and common forensic image formats.
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Collect document libraries and maintain native copies without impacting the SharePoint environment.
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Collect and produce data from any number of devices or storage platforms, including Microsoft SharePoint.
Evidence Mover
A free utility to move and accurately copy evidence files.
Legal Hold
Legal Hold solution
A fast, efficient and defensible system for legal hold notification and compliance tracking.