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Nuix specializes in transforming massive amounts of messy data – from emails, social media, communications and other human-generated content – into searchable, contextualized information. At the heart of our software is the Nuix Engine, a supercharged data processing technology that gets to the ones and zeros of more than 1,000 data types and file formats with forensic accuracy. 

Our suite of products uses the outputs of the Nuix Engine to provide insights and intelligence for customers across many different industries and use cases.

We work with a variety of industries including corporate, government & law enforcement, law firms and advisories and service partners. 

Choose how you want to deploy the Nuix software - in the cloud, on-premise or with one of our authorized partners.

At Nuix, we recognize that our partners and their skills are key to our continued success. We’ve built our partner program to harness the power and flexibility of a healthy ecosystem to benefit our partners and their customers.


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Visit our Partner Portal to register and gain access to webinars, training, and partner-only resources. 


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We are the world's leading provider of investigative analytics and intelligence software. Our patented data processing and indexing technology enables you to tackle large volumes of unstructured data faster and more accurately than any other technology on the market. The market for Nuix investigations and eDiscovery solutions is growing as many government organizations, corporations, law enforcement agencies, and legal firms bring investigations and eDiscovery in-house. 

As Nuix embraces the next level of data growth, we are expanding our investment and commitment to our partner program. We give you and your customers the solutions you need to proactively manage increasing unstructured data volumes. We back this up with:

  • A dedicated partner support team 
  • Skill-based margins  
  • Comprehensive partner sales and technical education 
  • Marketing and demand generation assistance.  

The Nuix Engine extracts text and in-depth metadata from thousands of data types and file formats – far more than any competing technology.

Our patented parallel processing technology makes short work of whatever information you feed into it, no matter how little or how much you have.

Nuix software extensively uses data visualization, predictive analytics, and machine learning to reduce repetitive busy work and find hidden connections.

At the heart of our software is the Nuix Engine, a supercharged data processing platform. The Nuix Engine normalizes data: extracting it from sources at the binary level, the “ones and zeros,” and indexing, enriching and analyzing the distilled text and metadata. It is particularly effective at processing messy unstructured and human-generated data alongside structured and semi-structured sources.

The Nuix Engine uses patented parallel processing technologies to get to the heart of data with speed, scale and forensic accuracy. It addresses more than 1,000 data types and file formats across 10 dimensions, making it searchable for you to find truth in the data.