Nuix 6.2 fact sheet
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Nuix 6.2 is a major release of the Nuix Engine, our eDiscovery and Investigator products, and our Director and Web Review & Analytics web...
Nuix 6.2
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Nuix 6.2 delivers powerful new features and capabilities across the Nuix Engine, Nuix’s eDiscovery and Investigator products, collection technologies...
Workflow for extracting, culling, analyzing, and investigating the sources of images using Nuix Investigator and NetClean Analyze DI
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Nuix and NetClean have announced a technology partnership to integrate their investigative tools and allow users to analyze multiple digital media...
US SEC case study
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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Division of Enforcement required fast turnaround for processing, metadata and text extraction for...
NetClean logo
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Through a partnership between software vendors NetClean and Nuix, agencies can now streamline the workflow for extracting, analyzing, categorizing,...
Sensitive data finder
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Nuix Sensitive Data Finder enables you to identify sensitive data in vast volumes of data quickly and precisely. Download our fact sheet to learn...
Nuix Sensitive Data Finder case study
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Nuix Sensitive Data Finder is ideal for locating high-risk and sensitive data which is subject to regulations or industry standards, such as credit...
cybersecurity CTAT team
Join us for a cyberscurity webinar on data fraud with Chris Pogue, Senior Vice President, Cyber Threat Analysis at Nuix.