ADF and Nuix forensic investigations webinar
This webinar will demonstrate how forensic labs can deploy advanced triage and digital investigation technologies to dramatically reduce backlogs.
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Media Releases
KPMG LLP and Nuix have announced a new alliance to assist clients with the management and handling of large volumes of unstructured data for digital...
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Analyst Briefs
Nuix engaged Ari Kaplan Advisors to personally interview corporate security officials to answer questions associated with cybersecurity.
White papers
We will examine how technology-enabled processes enable people to share intelligence and collaborate across geographic and jurisdictional boundaries.
Nuix intelligent migration
White papers
This paper will show how you can apply a data-centric approach across diverse business areas including eDiscovery, investigation, cybersecurity,...
acclerating investigations using advanced ediscovery techniques webinar
We will share workflows and techniques from the legal world of electronic discovery, which typically has even larger volumes of digital evidence than...
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White papers
If knowledge has an inherent value, how can we account for this value similarly to the way accountants manage traditional assets? Our latest...
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Learn how to use technology to extract and consolidate vital intelligence that could be the key to your next investigations and how to share forensic...