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Nuix has launched Nuix Sensitive Data Finder, which helps organizations comply with privacy laws and regulatory requirements, and defend vital...
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Nuix Sensitive Data Finder enables you to identify sensitive data in vast volumes of data quickly and precisely. Download our fact sheet to learn...
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Nuix Sensitive Data Finder is ideal for locating high-risk and sensitive data which is subject to regulations or industry standards, such as credit...
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Technology is playing an ever-increasing role in regulatory compliance among financial services firms.
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We will examine how technology-enabled processes enable people to share intelligence and collaborate across geographic and jurisdictional boundaries.
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This paper will show how you can apply a data-centric approach across diverse business areas including eDiscovery, investigation, cybersecurity,...
government building
Designed specifically for government professionals, this webinar will show you how to effectively use Nuix technology to manage your in-house...
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Data quality issues carry serious consequences—they increase the cost, time, and effort of eDiscovery, especially when data must be reprocessed and...