Continually monitor and protect your business and your customers' confidential data, and meet compliance obligations.


Use data to create value, not risk. Understand what data you have, where it is, and how to protect and manage. 

Today, businesses face the challenge of managing massive volumes of confidential and unstructured data in a data regulatory landscape that's constantly evolving. With unrivalled ability and uniquely powerful Nuix Engine, our Artificial Intelligence and automated solutions will help you manage, protect, collaborate, and create value from your biggest data assets in real-time. 

  1. Identify confidential and sensitive data

    Identify confidential and sensitive data such as PII and IP from connected and remote devices. You can then preview that data and determine if you need to collect, move, or defensibly delete it.

  2. Understand mass volumes and file formats

    Drill into your data via automated searches to help you understand, catalogue, and categorize mass volumes of data across over 1,000 file formats, with unmatched speed and accuracy.

  3. Analyze and visualize your data

    Analyze and visualize your data via sophisticated workflow management systems and assist you in making more accurate and informed decision. 

  4. Act swiftly and more confidently

    Act swiftly and more confidently knowing you are armed with comprehensive information about your data and its attributes, that's supported by sophisticated AI analytics, and backed by our world-renowned proprietary Nuix data interrogation techniques.