Complex investigations are faster, easier,
and smarter with Nuix Neo



Today investigations are large, complex and time intensive - your investigation solution doesn’t need to be.

Investigators, data analysts and data scientists are facing a mountain of data. Digital evidence sources are crushing an investigator’s ability to cut through the noise and expose the crime.

Nuix Neo Investigations allows you to see deep into the data, collaborate in real time and uncover the truth, with insights on a massive scale. 

Filter out the noise, bring critical evidence to the surface, and uncover the truth in unprecedented time 

Deep see

No matter the size or scale of your investigation, Nuix Neo Investigations allows you to crunch more data, from more sources using deep link-analysis and data connections to give you the right answers in record time.

Deployed on the Nuix Neo platform, our powerful investigations tool provides a single window into all investigation data, helping you collaborate in real time and uncover the truth quickly and with confidence


Maximize your investigations resources

Discover the power of Nuix Neo Investigations and accelerate your investigations with confidence.

More data from more sources 

Reach the truth faster than ever before by identifying and visualizing hidden connections between people and information across vast sets of data.

Get the right answers in record time

Focus on what truly matters with clarity and ease by quickly analyzing data to uncover valuable insights and relationships.

A single pane of glass

Break down barriers between platforms and teams by using a single unified view of your investigation; and collaborate seamlessly in real time

Solve more cases

Automate complex investigative tasks and workflows; focusing your resources on more strategic work, reduce backlogs and prevent burn out.