Fraud &

Rapidly ingest data from all relevant sources and apply an array of collaborative fraud techniques to quickly connect the dots between digital evidence and human behavior.


To find evidence of fraud, you need to understand human behavior. The clues may lie in a mountain of data, across multiple formats. 

Today's criminals are constantly finding new and innovative ways to infiltrate personal and organizational data for malicious activity. Combat fraud by quickly extracting, correlating, and contextualizing data so you can make fast and accurate decisions. Filter out the noise to bring critical evidence to the surface, so you can monitor, detect, and prevent fraud in real time. 

  1. Collect and process, at scale

    Collecting and rapidly processing data from multiple storage devices at a tremendous scale.

  2. Pinpoint the most relevant data

    Pinpointing the most relevant data to reveal highly potential fraudulent activity or high-risk profiles.

  3. Contextualize the data into a single view

    Uncovering complex relationships to establish who is involved in fraudulent activity, how they're connected, what occurred, and when.

  4. Correlate data to uncover complex relationships

    Bringing all the evidence into a single view allows you to review, search, analyze, and correlate the data.