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experience faster, easier, and smarter eDiscovery with Nuix Neo Legal.


end-to-end eDiscovery from one trusted vendor, enabling you to process vast quantities of data in record time 

Nuix Neo Legal empowers teams in law firms, legal service providers, government and in large corporates to gain valuable insights from their data and make informed decisions faster than ever before. Globally, over 1,800 organizations of various sizes rely on Nuix for complex eDiscovery and legal proceedings. 

Increasingly complex legal and regulatory requirements, coupled with increasing data volumes and a scarcity of expertise is forcing organizations, legal departments, law firms and legal service providers to search for new ways to reduce manual work, increase time for litigation, and strategic counsel.  

Nuix’s powerful AI classifies, contextualizes, and increases the accuracy of data, while advanced data reduction capabilities ensure only the most critical information is promoted to review. Nuix Neo Legal also allows you to share expertise with automated workflows and collaborate seamlessly, leveraging insights from a single view to fast-track eDiscovery. 

Legal Ease. De-stress eDiscovery

Experience Legal Ease, not legalese and destress eDiscovery with Nuix Neo Legal.

Nuix Neo Legal provides end-to-end eDiscovery from one trusted vendor, our patented processing can ingest and make sense of huge volumes of case data. Our powerful AI, automated expert workflows, advanced data reduction capabilities, and seamless collaboration deliver valuable insights from case data enabling you to make informed decisions fast.

Boost accuracy, cut costs, empower your team, and destress eDiscovery with Nuix Neo Legal today.


Nuix Neo Legal streamlines processes, enhances efficiency and helps manage costs. 

End-to-End eDiscovery

Nuix Neo Legal streamlines eDiscovery simplifying every stage from preservation to production with advanced AI, automated expert workflows and seamless collaboration. 

Reduce Data

Nuix Neo Legal’s advanced data reduction capabilities help eliminate irrelevant data upfront, promoting only case critical information to review. Reduce review waste and resource demand during review, and uncover the truth faster.  

Defensible in Court 

With Nuix Neo Legal you can seamlessly track and secure evidence, with integrity and defensibility. Our no-code ethical AI models can be easily tuned by practitioners to deliver step change improvements in speed and accuracy, whilst ensuring results are both explainable and defensible. 

Promote to Review

Nuix Neo Legal’s end-to-end legal solution comes with our industry leading review platform built in. Additionally, customers can integrate with other third-party review platforms.

See Value Sooner

Implemented quickly and with minimal configuration so you realize value sooner.  

For decades, Nuix has been the gold standard for legal teams tackling complex eDiscovery. 


Industry-Leading Processing

The core of Nuix’s business is in understanding data at a massive scale – no one understands data better. Nuix’s patented processing can ingest and make sense of huge volumes of case data. Nuix workflows are scalable, flexible and automated; supporting faster reviews, reduced resource demand, and rapid reporting. 

End-to-End eDiscovery

For customers who want a seamless end-to-end solution - Nuix covers the full eDiscovery process from preservation, collections, to processing – now enriched with proprietary AI, to our award-winning platform for review; eDiscovery is optimized from preservation to production.

Responsible AI 

Nuix's AI is transparent, specific, and therefore defensible. Customers can train and tune the models with our no-code AI, so that the models are specific to your needs. With advanced analytics, you can gain valuable insights from case data and make informed decisions fast. 

Deploy it Your Way

Many customers still want their data to remain on premises for legitimate business reasons. Nuix continues to support and offer choice of on-premises, Cloud or SaaS deployment models. Nuix will meet customers where they are, and partner with you on the journey.

Enterprise-Level Orchestration

Enterprise customers with large internal software eco-systems require genuine enterprise orchestration capability to maximize ROI on the whole system. Nuix Neo Legal offers customers the opportunity to orchestrate business applications across the entire enterprise – delivering efficiency gains and enabling your existing team to deliver more across all your data processing needs.

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