Eddie Sheehy

Chief Executive Officer

Eddie Sheehy has been CEO of Nuix since 2006. He has overseen the company’s global expansion since the commercialization of its software after seven years of research and development.

Rod Vawdrey

Chief Operating Officer

Rod oversees Nuix’s business activities globally, including sales operations, information technology, human resources, training, facilities, and strategic projects and partnerships. He has been an executive leader in technology products and services for more than 30 years. 

David Sitsky

Head of Development

David Sitsky has been at Nuix since the company began in 2000. David's extensive experience in the development of complex operating systems and large-scale parallel computing have been instrumental in both the development of Nuix software's high performance characteristics and continued expansion of a highly-proficient development team.

Stephen Stewart

Chief Technology Officer

Stephen Stewart joined Nuix in 2008 and is responsible for leading the evolution of Nuix’s software. He is currently driving the development of Nuix's information governance and big data solutions.

Stephen Doyle

Chief Financial Officer

Stephen Doyle joined Nuix in 2011 and has a strong track record of experience within IT&T organizations across the complete business life cycle including early stage commercialization, capital raising, initial public offerings, business turnarounds and extensive change management.

Carolyn Betts

Head of Marketing

Carolyn is responsible for the company’s global marketing strategy and operations.  She has held executive positions in government, telecommuncations, and the software industry, joining Nuix in 2007.


Jim Kent

Head of Security & Intelligence, CEO North America

Dr. Jim Kent is a global industry leader in information security, incident response, eDiscovery and digital forensics. He has more than 20 years of experience as a senior digital forensics investigator, information security consultant, high-technology crime detective, and high-level advisor to law enforcement, government, financial, and commercial organizations. He joined Nuix in 2012.

Paul Slater Nuix

Executive Director of EMEA

With over 20 years of experience in providing investigation, digital forensic, and eDiscovery services to clients in the private and public sectors, Paul’s expertise includes the technological, legal, and commercial aspects of investigations.

Colleen Clark

Head of Product Operations

Colleen Clark has more than 18 years of consultative and technical experience in business and corporate compliance best practices, operations and technologies. At Nuix, Colleen manages the global process of bringing products to the market. This includes scoping ideas, building business cases, supervising development, testing and launch preparation, and managing the technical execution of product launches.

Morgan Sheehy

Chief Strategy Officer

Morgan Sheehy joined Nuix in 2007 and was instrumental in establishing the company's international footprint in the US, followed by EMEA. Prior to joining Nuix, Morgan had extensive experience in M&A, project financing and structural engineering in the US and Europe.