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Build Confidence Into your eDiscovery with Nuix's Automated Web-Based Solutions

Enterprise eDiscovery

Control litigation, audit and regulatory response costs by managing more processes in-house with our enterprise eDiscovery software. Our suite of powerful, integrated tools streamline the entire eDiscovery process, including legal hold, collection, processing, culling, search, first-pass review and production export. Nuix’s advanced electronic discovery solutions help IT, legal, investigation and security teams to work together to collect, process and review data behind the firewall.

In the time it takes other technologies to count how many relevant items you have, Nuix makes all the evidence available for search, analysis and review. This means IT specialists can support legal, investigation or risk teams to find relevant facts when they need them and mitigate risks before they become problems. It removes unnecessary and costly delays in the discovery process and minimizes the disruption of day-to-day technology management activities.


Keep your information safe at all times

Keep your business secure with eDiscovery solutions from Nuix. For more information, click one of the tabs above or find our contact information here.


confidence in your data white paper

NEW! Confidence In Your Data

Download our latest white paper to find out how process and technology decisions determine data quality during eDiscovery—and why you should care.

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Nuix 6 Web Review & Analytics with Lighthouse eDiscovery and Winston & Strawn

In this short video, Lighthouse eDiscovery and Winston & Strawn tell us why they use Nuix Web Review & Analytics and its benefits.

"This is going to be a game changer," says Scott Cohen, Director of eDiscovery Support Services at Winston & Strawn LLP.

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Achieve Insights Faster

Nuix indexes hundreds of file and storage formats, including double-byte character sets, at a binary level. It makes all relevant information ready to search, analyze, and review faster than any other eDiscovery software.

Gain Visibility Into Your Data

Having all the facts at your disposal, you can quickly and comprehensively answer the fundamental questions of any matter: Is the claim true, what is your risk exposure, do you want to pursue it and what strategy will you take.

Create and Automate Workflows

Nuix’s web applications enable legal teams to create and automate workflow templates that other staff members can use to complete discovery tasks efficiently, repeatably and defensibly.



Nuix eDiscovery with Director

Nuix can process, search and analyze vast quantities of unstructured data faster and more reliably than any other eDiscovery tool on the market. With the Nuix Director web application, we have focused on making the hard work of eDiscovery easier so you can meet deadlines, minimize risks and mistakes, reduce costs and maintain a strategic advantage throughout litigation.

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A powerful web application to deliver fast, collaborative eDiscovery review and true early case assessment.
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A web application that empowers eDiscovery analysts and technicians to complete electronic discovery tasks much faster than before.
Nuix Collection Suite thumbnail
A complete and scalable off-the-shelf solution for processing, investigation, analysis, review and production.
Nuix Collection Suite thumbnail
Collect electronic evidence from laptops, desktops and file shares with minimal training.
Nuix Collection Suite thumbnail
Perform targeted collections of information from laptops, desktops, enterprise file shares and common forensic image formats.
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Collect document libraries and maintain native copies without impacting the SharePoint environment.
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Collect, process and produce data from any number of devices or storage platforms, including Microsoft SharePoint.
Legal Hold solution
A fast, efficient and defensible system for legal hold notification and compliance tracking.


Nuix 6.2 fact sheet
Fact sheets
Nuix 6.2 is a major release of the Nuix Engine, our eDiscovery and Investigator products, and our Director and Web Review & Analytics web...
Nuix 6.2
Media Releases
Nuix 6.2 delivers powerful new features and capabilities across the Nuix Engine, Nuix’s eDiscovery and Investigator products, collection technologies...
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Media Releases
Nuix has announced it has integrated its eDiscovery technologies with Dropbox for Business, enabling customers to perform processing, search,...
US SEC case study
Case Studies
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Division of Enforcement required fast turnaround for processing, metadata and text extraction for...
White papers
Data quality issues carry serious consequences—they increase the cost, time, and effort of eDiscovery, especially when data must be reprocessed and...
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Nuix Corporate Discovery packages our best information discovery solutions, harnessing the power of the patented Nuix Engine to give you transparency...
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This short video gives an overview of Nuix 6 and its improvements to Nuix Director.
Nuix Email Archive Discovery Fact Sheet for Advisory Firms and Service Providers
Fact sheets
Nuix Email Archive Discovery is a powerful solution that allows you to search and govern email archive data.


Corrupted image of a 1970s computer

Email archives can play a critical role in eDiscovery, investigation, compliance, and business continuity. They are pervasive throughout the corporate world and have stockpiled huge quantities of data over many years.

VisionTek 240GB USB 3.0 Pocket SSD Drive, SanDisk Extreme PRO USB 3.0 Flash Drive 128 GB, Corsair Flash Voyager GTX USB 3.0 128 GB

For Nuix, like most data-intensive apps, storage is usually the biggest performance bottleneck. The latest generation of USB flash drives can improve Nuix performance with minimal effort and expense.

The latest release of Nuix has introduced a hugely customizable framework for imaging and slip-sheet generation in the eDiscovery workflow.

Cybersecurity--information governance panel

Another freezing New York winter, another LegalTech. But this year I sensed a real buzz about the way the legal technology business is going—and it's not just about eDiscovery.

Attendees crowd around the Nuix booth at LTNY 2015

This past week, I attended and presented at LegalTech New York. It was my first experience at this conference and I got the feeling it was a bit of an anomaly to have someone from the cybersecurity field there as well.

A crowd of people at LegalTech New York

Choosing technology and services can be tricky at the best of times, but it can be a lot easier if you focus on the fundamentals.

Statue of four identical people

Last year my colleague Brian Tuemmler explained why deduplication is not so simple in the world of information governance. It isn't straightforward in eDiscovery or investigation either.

Hot coffee neon sign

As we start to get our heads into 2015, I know many of us use this somewhat quieter time to reflect on the year that was, and set our goals to conquer over the next year. Here are my top three things to think about for the year to come.

Fast food restaurant counter

This time last year I made 10 forecasts about unstructured data. Let’s see how good my predictive powers are this time around. 


Tuesday June 2 | 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST

Our panel of experts will discuss where information governance stands today in theory and in practice, share market trends, uncover the projects that are getting funded and the governance structures that are getting the most attention.

Nuix intelligent migration
16 - 17 June, 2015

We are proud to be a platinum sponsor of the 9th Information Governance and eDiscovery Summit. 

September 27 - 29, 2015

The Nuix User Exchange 2015 is your best opportunity to access a diverse range of business-focused and technical educational sessions, hands-on workshops and Nuix Training, and to ask questions.

Nuix User Exchange