Make Data Speak your Language with Nuix 6

This latest release adds powerful new features to help Nuix customers address data problems across all parts of the business. Whoever you are and whatever you’re trying to do, Nuix makes data speak your language.


Mac OS and Linux Support

The Nuix Engine, Nuix Workbench and Nuix Management Server now run natively on Mac OS and Linux

Custom Processing

Search data at light speed without creating an index or additional storage footprint, for information governance customers and OEM developers

Enhanced Named Entity Extraction

Extract named entities from metadata as well as text, selectively scan certain types of files for named entities, and use named entities for bulk redaction

More Languages

Use the Nuix Workbench in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish (Latin America).



Structured and Semi-Structured Data Searching

Extract data from vital cybersecurity formats including IIS and Apache web server logs, FTP logs, Windows Event logs, network packet capture PCAP files and live Microsoft SQL Server databases

Binary Near-Deduplication

Find malware that morphs as it replicates itself with our binary near duplication support.




New Document Navigator Filters

Group data from all sources into categories such as browser history, browser cache, cloud storage, instant messages, phone calls, USB devices, user accounts, network information and logs.


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nuix 6
Nuix 6 adds powerful new features to help our customers address data problems across all parts of the business. Watch our webinar to hear about the...