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Four Podcasts, One Location

Nuix Podcasts

For the past few years, the Nuix Unscripted podcast has been the home for interviews with Nuix team members, customers, and partners. Over that time, we’ve gathered together for conversations from our user conferences, learned more about the origins and applications of our software from those who know best, and explored customer experiences with our software.

As the podcast has grown, so too have the topics we cover, which has required us to reimagine how we present this audio content to our audience. It’s exciting to see how one single stream of content has evolved into what really is four unique, distinct podcast series.

If you haven’t checked out our podcast channel on Soundcloud, there’s never been a better time to do so! Here’s a breakdown of the individual podcasts available to check out, all for free and updated regularly.

Nuix Unscripted

Soundcloud Playlist | Nuix Website

Nuix Unscripted is our primary podcast channel, covering topics across eDiscovery, forensic investigations, cybersecurity, information governance, and more.

On Nuix Unscripted, we host some of the brightest minds in the industry, both within our company and professionals who work regularly with our software. You’ll find customer case studies, company history, and conversations about industry best practices and trends on this podcast.

Women in Nuix

Soundcloud Playlist | Nuix Website

The Women in Nuix podcast is an extension of a company program of the same name. In this series, our hosts and guests are committed to elevating the conversation about gender in technology, leadership, and influence.

The series helps provide a united voice to advocate for progress across the industries we work within, as well as the broader technology industry. Guests include women leaders at Nuix, industry professionals, partners, and customers.

Nuix Partner Spotlights

Soundcloud Playlist | Nuix Website

The Nuix Partner Connect program has grown dramatically over the past two years, putting our software in the hands of experts around the world to better serve their customers.

This series puts the spotlight on those partners, their expertise, and work using our software solutions. You can also learn more about the Nuix Partner Connect program on our website.

Nuix Customer Success

Soundcloud Playlist | Nuix Website

The Nuix Customer Success team guides customers on their journey, builds self-sufficiency using Nuix software, and ties together industry best practices strategically with best practices for using our software.

This series features Nuix Customer Success Managers talking about technical topics and practical use cases, with plans to bring in customer perspectives in the future. The topics covered in this podcast are ideal for new Nuix users and experienced veterans alike.

That’s Not All!

You don’t need to be on a web browser to listen to our podcasts. Search for Nuix on either Apple iTunes or Stitcher and take us with you wherever you go. Our podcasts are just another way to support our mission of helping our customers find truth in a digital world, and we’d love to have you along for the journey.

And, of course, we’d love your five-star reviews wherever you listen!