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Hear from the worlds leading security, financial and government agencies on how partnering with Nuix has made the difference


A US specialist law firm was using the IPRO Eclipse eDiscovery solution but was unhappy with the performance of its features and the support given when they experienced technical issues. Some members of the firm were familiar with Nuix Discover® (formerly Ringtail) from experience with a previous law firm.

The firm made the case to invest in Nuix Discover SaaS and brought over an existing case of around 620 GB of data to demonstrate its efficacy. Once the capabilities were clear, the firm signed up for an annual license. The client was impressed by the speed, performance, and ease of use of Nuix Discover SaaS, which will enable it to process its data much faster than previously. Furthermore, its attorneys returned positive feedback about the professional and smooth onboarding process, which enabled the firm to deliver seamless service to its clients.

An Australian energy company urgently needed to undertake a large eDiscovery exercise that required data collection from 1,500 endpoints and processing of upwards of five terabytes of data. It wanted a solution that would meet its key priorities of efficiency, proficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

A Nuix installation consisting of a 12-core Nuix Workstation and Nuix Enterprise Collection Center for 1,500 endpoints gave the company the ability to collect data from around the business quickly and efficiently. It also enabled the rapid review of data, allowing the company to build an informed picture of data volumes that are relevant to the matter, early case review, and a reduction of data sent to external counsel. Additionally, Nuix will be used for other investigations that fall under the company’s CISO office.

The customer understood the benefits that Nuix offered but was constrained by budget, as such technologies were considered discretionary. However, when an urgent matter surfaced, Nuix’s superlative benefits became obvious, meeting the customer’s requirements for processing speed and forensic soundness.

A British multinational advertising and public relations company needed a comprehensive and easy-to-manage solution to handle its requirements under GDPR regulation, and to facilitate responses to subject access requests. Following an onsite health check with the customer, Nuix identified several improvements that the customer could implement to increase the effectiveness of its data processing.

Working in consultation with Nuix, the customer decided to trade in some of its ARX licenses for eDiscovery Workstation licenses in order to optimize its data toolkit. Nuix is better architected to serve the customer’s requirements, enabling it to meet the increased demands from Subject Access Requests and protecting it from GDPR penalties.

A French power company whose main industrial activity is linked to nuclear energy—mining, chemistry, enrichment, fuel assembly, reprocessing, engineering, nuclear propulsion and reactors, treatment, recycling, stabilization, and dismantling—needed to extract 12 terabytes of data from its Documentum database to OCR, cleanse, and review. It was imperative it achieved this within an efficient and cost-effective manner and that the data was handled with precision and certainty.

The company is a Nuix Discover customer that expanded its investment in Nuix by purchasing Nuix Workstation. The nuclear reactors business will be able to connect to their Documentum database directly from Nuix which will enable them to extract, OCR, cleanse and review their data quickly and easily.

The customer had experienced firsthand the quality, speed, and versatility of Nuix technology and was confident that Nuix offered the most capable data processing capability on the market. Nuix has since introduced the customer to a consulting firm to assist with the set up and ongoing day-to-day operation of the Nuix Discover and Nuix Workstation project.

A large US government agency divided across the USA in 94 districts, tracks, provides, and analyzes data related to the work of geographically separate offices. This involved the development of budget and litigation priorities and regularly releasing national caseload data in response to monthly requests under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts.

The agency recently expanded its investment in Nuix thanks to the work by the Nuix development team in keeping up with its file type and workflow requirements. The agency purchased eDiscovery Workstation 2-core licenses as well as maintenance for its existing inventory, taking the total cores for this account to 566. The agency initially selected Nuix to be its processing tool of choice based on the software’s speed, file type flexibility, and features for ingestion and export. Subsequently, it recognized the value of increasing its investment in Nuix technology in order to process its case evidence much more effectively.

A military organization in South America responsible for preventive police and highway patrol in the countryside and small towns, as well as duties of customs enforcement, coastal control, nature protection, and search and rescue operations sought a capable modern digital forensic platform to support its extensive criminal investigations.

Nuix assembled an integrated solution enabling the customer to achieve faster data ingestion and providing superior collaboration between teams and departments. The customer sought a best-of-breed technology platform that would deliver a world-class criminal investigation capability. Its research into the available market offerings led it to conclude that Nuix provided the ideal solution.

A large electronics company that imports and retails household electrical appliances, information systems equipment, and mobile communication handsets had to outsource large audits to legal service providers and law firms. This was a very costly and time-consuming process, leading the company to bring the operation in-house.

The company needed a solution it could perform in an air-gapped environment to ingest and process different sources of data very quickly and give it the visual analysis required to find connections between people, objects, locations and events. After assessing the market offerings, the company purchased Nuix Investigation and Response with training. Nuix demonstrated its solution produced the swiftest results, performed well on an air-gapped environment, and would provide the training to enables it to maximize value and meet its strategic objectives.

A European tax agency responsible for the application of the national tax and customs systems and collection of revenue on behalf of the European Union, as well as involved in the prosecution of offences against the Public Treasury and offenses related to contraband goods, needed a solution with exceptionally high processing capability for digital investigations.

The agency acquired an enhanced Nuix investigations package that included 80 Investigation Workstations, 10 ARX licenses, 90 Reviewer licenses, and two additional Nuix Management Servers. The additional deployment enhances the volume of investigations that the agency can undertake and increases the already sizeable base of the investigations team that requires Nuix to perform its role.

One of Germany's leading auditing and consultancy organizations with more than 11,000 specialists and around 600 partners at 21 locations in Germany has implemented Nuix Discover for its review operations. It’s the second-largest professional services company in the world and has long been one of Nuix’s key partners.

The customer delivers a range of tailored services to organizations through every stage of the business lifecycle to enhance its economic value. Much of its workflow involves review and analytics, which led to its search for a high-performance, intelligent review platform other than Relativity. It already knew of Nuix's superlative technology through its use of Nuix Workstation, so happily purchased Nuix Discover, starting with one terabyte but expecting to scale to ten terabytes within the first six months. As part of the investment, the customer also purchased Nuix Discover Case Manager Training to reinforce its objective of obtaining a world-class review platform with great functionality.

First Response’s Technical Director John Douglas explains how the data investigation and incident response services firm helped an aerospace company that was under sustained attack from a nation-state intelligence service.

Subject access requests come for many companies for a variety of reasons. In this situation, a large international recruitment agency employing thousands of people in 100 offices across 36 countries had a unique source of these requests.

The agency places thousands of candidates in roles every year. Naturally, it also works with many thousands of candidates who don’t receive a job offer. These candidates often blame the recruitment company and submit subject access requests in order to find out why. Facing an increasing number of these subject access requests, the customer sought an efficient and cost-effective solution that would help it respond quickly without hampering its primary business activities.

Nuix created a subject access request solution lab based on Nuix Workstation and Nuix Investigate that provides swift and user-friendly functionality. This enables the agency to respond to subject access requests within the stipulated 30-days in order to avoid regulatory penalties.

Nuix capitalized on a good relationship with an executive who had experienced the benefits of our software in a previous role and was keen to introduce the software to the agency. To reinforce the business case, Nuix expanded the conversation to the legal team, showcasing how litigation use cases could be covered using the same software and leading to a successful implementation of a Nuix-powered subject access request solution.

A federal education agency responsible for the deliver and coordination of early childhood, primary and secondary school, vocational education, adult, migrant, and higher education, faced a significant challenge.

In 2017, shocking allegations were revealed against the department—which represents roughly one-quarter its regional budget each year at $6 billion USD, over 2,240 schools, and enrollment of almost one million students—through Freedom of Information requests. The allegations included hundreds of reports of abuse made about staff within the agency, which it took very seriously and prompted quick action.

In anticipation of broader inquiries into these allegations, the agency sought to equip itself with Nuix Discover, our powerful and intuitive eDiscovery solution.

Given the seriousness and potentially deep impact of these investigations, the agency wanted a solution that was best-of-breed and fit for this specific purpose. Nuix demonstrated the capability of its software as a SaaS solution to get ahead of any impending or future Freedom of Information requests.

A mid-sized law firm with 56 partners and roughly 200 legal staff was stuck using outdated and slow data processing and evidence review technology. Its existing technology restricted its ability to bid for larger matters while also costing approximately $40,000 USD annually in outsourced processing fees. In addition to loss of productivity, staff were also working overtime to cope with growing demands caused by large-scale data sets, risking burnout and staff retention issues.

The firm ran a comprehensive paid pilot on a live matter using Nuix, followed by an extensive comparison with Relativity. Our features, functionality, and performance were demonstrably superior in key areas and validated by the investigations and evaluation conducted by the litigation services, IT, and legal team representatives involved.

Based on the results of the pilot and our customer-focused approach throughout the engagement, the firm purchased an on-premise Nuix Discover solution including two Nuix Workstation cores, 100 user licenses, 2.5 terabytes of data under management, and implementation and training supplied by the Nuix team. It opted for Partner Provider licensing to open resell opportunities and create the potential for capacity use and a new revenue stream.

By selecting Nuix Discover to compete against other, larger firms, the firm can leverages its first-mover advantage in the market to streamline its eDiscovery and review processes, fix price engagements more confidently, make better use of its Litigation Support team capacity, achieve faster early case assessment to put pressure on opposing counsel regarding disclosure time frames, and more successfully attract and retain staff.

A revenue service responsible for the application of national tax and customs systems for an EMEA country required an investigative solution with exceptionally high processing capability. With responsibility for collection of revenue on behalf of the EU, involvement in the prosecution of offenses against the Public Treasury and related to contraband goods, and holding a budget of over €1bn, the agency had significant investigations needs to fulfill.

As an existing Nuix customer, the agency decided to upgrade its setup. Given the success it had with Nuix products in the past, it felt confident that the software could help it handle the increasing number of investigations it was faced with processing. The agency acquired an enhanced Nuix Investigations Lab package that included 80 Nuix Workstation instances, 10 ARX licenses, 90 Reviewer licenses, and two additional Nuix Management Servers. The additional deployment enhances the volume of investigations the agency can undertake and increases the already sizable base of its investigations team that requires Nuix to perform its role.

A privately-owned eDiscovery software and services provider based in the United States provides tailored client services and required a better processing solution to meet client demand and generate more business. With over 10 years of experience providing early case assessment, processing, web hosting, consulting, forensics, and document review, it’s an agile company with a reputation for quality to maintain. Existing solutions simply weren’t satisfactory, and the company was looking to upgrade its eDiscovery technology stack.

The provider regarded Nuix as the best solution to provide the processing volume and velocity it needed to meet client deadlines and requests. By adding Nuix Workstation to its services suite, the customer is now fitted with a best-in-breed, scalable, on-premise eDiscovery processing environment.

In a competitive assessment, Nuix was selected over Relativity and will replace iPro eCapture as its primary processing engine. The customer anticipates being able to meet four times the volume in data processing for its law firm and corporate clients over the next six months due to the power of the Nuix Engine. Complementing this with Nuix training and consulting, it now has a choice partner in Nuix that boost its technical capabilities and marketability.

The CMA was looking to expand the scope of its work investigating competition in the UK market, with an increasing capacity to do so in a post-Brexit United Kingdom. It required more processing power to deal with an increasing volume of investigations and data, as well as additional review capabilities to account for enhanced complexity and collaboration requirements that arise from the growth in investigations.

The CMA was already familiar with Nuix processing and review technology and its teams are proficient in the use of Nuix software. Whilst the Nuix Discover® platform is new, it enables the CMA’s legally orientated teams to collaborate on data sets that have been processed by the Nuix Engine. Having such a prominent existing customer expand its investment in additional Nuix software is a testament to how central the software has become to the CMA’s core operations.

A global law firm with lawyers in more than 40 countries routinely provides its litigation services to government institutions and corporations. Flexibility and scale are required for customers of this magnitude, and the law firm always strives to maintain the highest level of legal practice when it comes to eDiscovery.

Using Nuix Discover®, the law firm can now support its entire legal eDiscovery process end-to-end. While it also uses Relativity, its world-class litigation partners have a strong preference for Nuix Discover as their primary review software. The law firm also encounters pressure from clients who prefer Nuix Discover for case review. From collection to processing, review, analytics, and production, Nuix Discover ensures clients are fitted with the best-in-breed technology required to operate across large legal cases.

As the software of choice among practitioners of the highest caliber, Nuix is always top-of-mind when it comes to legal matters.

A multinational pharmaceutical company and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world wanted to bring eDiscovery tools in-house to decrease the data volumes sent to vendors, and thereby reduce the associated costs. The customer also wanted to create efficiencies by having some forensic utility within the same tool.

Nuix provided an all-in-one solution to help the customer tackle the most difficult data sources in-house and minimize its reliance on third party vendors. The solution included a combination of Nuix products and technical training for staff, enabling the customer to lower its litigation support costs, achieve better quality results, complete faster investigations, and retain greater control of its data management process.

During its considerable search and selection process, the customer concluded that only Nuix offered the core eDiscovery and investigations functionality that met its required standards.

A major metropolitan Japanese police department with a staff of over 40,000 police officers and over 2,800 civilian personnel are planning to connect the online networks between 97 police stations and its central digital forensics lab. This is to eliminate the physical data transfer that is currently done by car. It is also going to enable local police stations to conduct their own investigations to reduce backlogs and improve efficiency.

Phase one involves implementing Nuix software for investigations, additional users for Nuix Investigate, and customized training & implementation. This will deliver greater efficiency on investigation workflows and will help to build and utilize intelligence, leverage digital crime investigation skills, and bring criminals to justice faster. Nuix partnered with a major IT supplier that packaged whole items such as network, servers, desktops, software licenses, maintenance, and support as a solution that presented a strong proposition.

Nuix was competing against digital forensics players Intella and Magnet AXIOM, which both offer a simple interface and ease of use, but ultimately our scalability and the flexibility to customize our product convinced the client that Nuix would deliver the best solution.

A global online social media and networking service that generates four new petabytes of data per day and has more than 300 petabytes of data in Apache Hive, was faced with increased demands placed on its data management team. This led it to seek a greater capacity to process and review data.

The company was an existing Nuix customer and during the Nuix User Exchange 2019, underwent three days of onsite training, realizing that the company was only using a small portion of the eDiscovery features and functionality available in Nuix Workstation. The customer was impressed by the wide range of features and functions. After the Nuix User Exchange, it purchased eight additional licenses of Workstation, which will enable it to achieve timely review and production of data related to federal and state regulatory investigations and litigation.