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Nuix Acquires Automation Partner Rampiva

Sydney, Australia – Global software company Nuix has entered into an agreement to acquire Rampiva (Rampiva Global, LLC and Rampiva Technology, Inc.), a workflow automation and job scheduling software provider.Rampiva is a long-term technology partner of Nuix, founded in 2016 to meet the needs of Nuix customers who wanted to achieve greater productivity by automating their data processing tasks.

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| Data Privacy, Fraud & Investigations

How government digital transformation is rapidly increasing

Written by Paul Slater Nuix charts how government digital transformation is rapidly changing the way government bodies work and deliver services.Government digital transformation is rapidly changing the way government bodies work and deliver services, both internally to their staff and externally to members of the public. Through increased adoption of digital technologies, government organizations strive to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and better serve the needs of the public.

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Nuix Workstation | Data Privacy, Fraud & Investigations, Legal eDiscovery and Early Data Assessment

World-first XLR8 Conference to showcase global impact of Australian technology

The exponential change in global technology and the proliferation of data will dominate conversations at Nuix XLR8/23 Conference this March, with some of the world’s most significant organizations flocking to Sydney to unpack the latest trends in data, cyber security, and how to resist the ever-evolving technological threats of the modern world.

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Nuix NLP | Fraud & Investigations, Data Privacy, Legal eDiscovery and Early Data Assessment

Nuix and Serco NA partner to score prizewinning results in US Navy AI Automation Challenge

Global software company Nuix today announced that alongside partner, Serco Inc, that it was a winner in the US Navy's Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Automation Challenge sponsored by the US Navy Office of Naval Research. In an increasingly tense geopolitical environment, managing the various types and volumes of classified information correctly protects the integrity and confidentiality of the information they contain.

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Nuix Discover | Fraud & Investigations

BSI partners with Nuix to strengthen global footprint in cybersecurity and data management

03, February 2022, London, UK – Today a partnership between BSI the business improvement and standards company, and Nuix, a provider of investigative analytics and intelligence software, will help corporations detect and protect against data breaches and fraudulent behavior – gathering, processing, interpreting and securing evidence to keep organizations safe. 

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