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Nuix Neo

Nuix NEO Investigations

What We Do.

Using Nuix Fraud and Investigative solutions, you can rapidly ingest data from all relevant data sources and apply an array of collaborative fraud techniques to help you connect the dots between digital evidence and human behaviour. 

How We Do It.

  1. Collect and process, at scale Collecting and rapidly processing data from multiple storage devices at a tremendous scale.
  2. Pinpoint the most relevant data Pinpointing the most relevant data to reveal highly potential fraudulent activity or high-risk profiles.
  3. Contextualize the data into a single view Uncovering complex relationships to establish who is involved in fraudulent activity, how they're connected, what occurred, and when.
  4. Correlate data to uncover complex relationships Bringing all the evidence into a single view allows you to review, search, analyze, and correlate the data.

Nuix Neo
Data privacy solution

Nuix NEO Data Privacy

What We Do.

Nuix Data Privacy solutions give you the forensic depth and defensibility you need to quickly identify the value and risk of your data. Giving you the data intelligence required to continually monitor and protect your business and your customers, and meet compliance obligations

How We Do It.

  1. Quickly identify confidential and sensitive data from connected and remote devices
  2. Understand mass volumes and file formats
  3. Analyze and visualize your data to drive more accurate decisions
  4. Act swiftly and more confidently

& early case assessment

Legal eDiscovery and Early Data Assessment

What We Do.

Regardless of size or complexity, Nuix Legal eDiscovery & Early Data Assessment gives you the power to streamline processes to quickly uncover crucial information, spot notable case trends, speed up and enhance the legal decision-making process, and save legal costs. 

How We Do It.

  1. Get started on your case sooner with the full integration of processing, analysis, review, and production.
  2. Uncover critical information faster by enabling your whole legal team to quickly visualize key facts and patterns.
  3. Breeze through linear review using visual continuous learning to quickly identify relevance and privilege.
  4. Take control of eDiscover by managing your workflow and end-to-end process to reduce legal fees, accelerate timelines, and improve the legal decision-making process.

Nuix Neo

Nuix NEO Legal

What We Do.

Nuix Neo Legal empowers teams in law firms, legal service providers, government and in large corporates to gain valuable insights from their data and make informed decisions faster than ever before. Globally, over 1,800 organizations of various sizes rely on Nuix for complex eDiscovery and legal proceedings. 


How We Do It.

Nuix’s powerful AI classifies, contextualizes, and increases the accuracy of data, while advanced data reduction capabilities ensure only the most critical information is promoted to review. Nuix Neo Legal also allows you to share expertise with automated workflows and collaborate seamlessly, leveraging insights from a single view to fast-track eDiscovery. 

Nuix has the ability to dramatically improve digital forensic capabilities.
- Senior Fraud Investigator, Police Service of Scotland
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