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Nuix Neo

One unified platform to get from
Input to insight.

With the unrivaled ability and the powerful functionality of the patented Nuix Engine at its heart, the Nuix Neo platform is a solution-based offering that solves our customers’ most challenging data problems. The data intelligence platform delivers powerful functionality, and an integrated and automated user experience making data collection, analysis, review, and production faster, easier, and smarter.

It's New. 
It's Nuix. 
It's Neo.

Based on over 2 decades of global leadership in data intelligence software, Nuix Neo offers a seamless and integrated platform for organizations looking to solve their most challenging data problems. Leveraging responsible AI, you can automatically identify, classify, and contextualize data, ultimately saving your organization’s time, money, and even reputation.

Introducing Nuix Neo

Organizations worldwide face the challenge of managing vast unstructured data spread across various platforms. Nuix Neo, transforms complex data into actionable insights swiftly, enabling seamless scaling and AI integration for efficient operations. Discover how Nuix Neo can lead your enterprise to a faster, easier, and smarter data-driven future.




Whether you require core data processing, data privacy solutions, legal eDiscovery, and early case assessment (ECA), or fraud and investigations capabilities, Nuix Neo is a highly customizable, solution-based platform designed to meet your unique data challenges – from collection, analysis, review, and production. 

From chaos to structure.

Conquer more than 1000 different file types of messy unstructured data, processed by the indomitable Nuix Engine functionality, to create structured and searchable assets that can generate insights for your organization.

AI to empower you.

The AI in Nuix Neo contextualizes the data, and language models that are specifically trained in your use-case help you zero in on only what you need, improving accuracy and reducing the amount of data you need to review and analyze. 

Move up the value chain

With our automated workflow templates and advanced AI, you can reduce manual effort and accelerate your data analysis and review. Spend more time on critical tasks and less time on repetitive processes. 

Discover the  
power of one.

If you're interested in learning more about how Nuix Neo can help you solve your toughest data challenges, we invite you to talk to one of our experts.

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