BENEFITS OF the nuix developer program


Take advantage of the full functional parity of our native and REST APIs to automate your workflow. Help your business achieve maturity by codifying processes, institutionalizing knowledge, decreasing reliance on individual contributors and improving the transparency, repeatability and defensibility of your daily work.


Whether you’re working on your own, with the support of our team and the Nuix Community or engaging with a partner from our network of trained and certified systems integrators, you can integrate your solutions with our software to help you power a best-of breed ecosystem to handle even the most complex data challenges.


Nuix’s native Java, JRuby and Jython APIs allow for quick extension of built-in functions. The REST API is ideal for distributed development or invoking Nuix remotely. These APIs allow you to take advantage of our extensible nature by means of the various event handlers and callbacks seeded through relevant functions.

We worked closely with the Nuix team to develop a quick and defensible methodology with proven technology.

- Global Pharmaceutical Company