eDiscovery. Perfected for Nuix 

Your Data Never Sleeps. You Should. 

George Jon enables scalable, performant and cost-effective discovery, governance and investigation platforms for Nuix users worldwide. Whether your data resides on one of our GJ Kits or your existing hardware, we have a solution for every need. Imagine your data, safely stored where you want it, performing 24/7/365 in a fully managed platform. We take highly complicated, mission-critical data and make it easier to use, less expensive to access, faster, and better. This drives bottom-line value and peace of mind for Nuix users, allowing you to focus on your core business and make informed decisions while GJ runs the platform. 

George Jon Managed Platforms are: 

  • Specifically researched and built to ensure perfect Nuix performance
  • Infinitely scalable to intelligently grow in lockstep with your business and data 
  • An ecosystem of strategic, symbiotic partners who deliver collective value when deployed and managed by the experts at GJ 
  • Easily integrated with technology tools and utilities 
  • Modular solutions that fit your individual needs 
  • Predictable, performant environments that have been rigorously tested and fine-tuned over 15+ years of GJ-specific R&D