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Partner Feature: Redeye Forensics’ Oyoung Yun

Training class

Redeye ForensicsWith the launch of our Partner Portal in April, we took a huge step forward as a company advancing our global network of partners and giving them the tools they need to aid their customers.

In our inaugural partner feature, we turn our attention to South Korea and Redeye Forensics President Oyoung Yun, who has over 15 years law enforcement and forensic investigations experience under his belt and heads up a key Nuix partner in the APAC region.

Aside from being a fully enabled Nuix partner, Redeye Forensics is an authorized Nuix training partner. Mr. Yun is the first to be certified in Nuix eDiscovery training in APAC outside of Australia, helping to enable customers to be familiar with Nuix products in their native language. Redeye also serves as first-level support for the South Korean market and holds regular events for Nuix customers.

How did Nuix add value to your business?

Redeye was already an established provider of digital forensic solutions and services in South Korea when we became a Nuix reseller in 2012. We are the sole Nuix reseller as well as the only authorized training partner in South Korea. Nuix gave Redeye a leading, cutting edge solution that would soon be proven and accepted by customers across the government and law enforcement space.

How does Nuix help you innovate?

Nuix continues to provide our customers with solutions that evolve with the technology landscape. When it first hit the South Korean market, Nuix 3 was more of an analysis platform. Nuix 4 introduced advanced forensic capabilities that allowed customers to do deep dives into the evidence. Nuix 7 introduced the option to use Elasticsearch on the back end which gave customers the ability to work with multi-terabyte cases.

Nuix has proven its commitment to the South Korean market by being among the first solutions to support Korean data formats like GUL, HWP, ALZ, and EGG.

Training class
Redeye Forensics President Oyoung Yun teaches a class of investigators in South Korea.

Do you have a short story about how Nuix was key to solving a customer’s problem?

In one of our first landmark successes, Nuix helped a regulator complete an investigation which they had not been able to complete using their incumbent solution. This regulator eventually implemented one of the largest Nuix installations in Korea, which in turn helped solidify Nuix’s credentials in the South Korean market.

More recently, Nuix was used by the Special Independent Prosecutor that successfully investigated and prosecuted the case vs the former President of South Korea, Ms Park Guen Hye.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

Redeye continues to invest in its capabilities to serve its customers and bring the latest Nuix solutions to the South Korean market. We are now looking to push the integrated Nuix Workstation and endpoint (Nuix Adaptive Security) solutions to enterprise customers, as well as Nuix Discover to South Korean law firms.