Ways we partner

Discover our network of trusted partner ecosystem working globally and locally. 

The Nuix partner program offers multiple paths to success, allowing you to focus on the strategic priorities that best align with your business focus. From local system integrators, consulting firms to global technology providers, we’re committed to driving meaningful, trust-based relationships with partners who believe and invest in the same things we do. 

Whether you are just beginning and building new practice areas, looking to resell, manage, or have validated capabilities to deliver the greatest customer value, our program offers you opportunities to build a profitable business with Nuix.



Nuix resellers are partners whose primary business model is value-added software reselling and services delivery. By providing customers with an unbiased opinion, Nuix resellers combine their technology expertise along with services to deliver Nuix solutions to address specific customer business problems. 



Nuix technology partners enhances our offerings by building innovative integrated solutions with our software for customers and other partners. They offer technologies that when combined with our software, provide an integration and enhanced solution to the market. Explore our technology partner network.



Nuix strategic alliance partnerships play a crucial role in our partner program and is formed on the basis to help clients achieve better business results with innovative solutions for complex enterprise projects.



Nuix Services Partners enable the successful delivery of Nuix solutions to end users, build commercial service offerings on the Nuix platform and provide value-added services to extend, integrate, or automate workflows and processes.



Nuix Certified Training Partners have access to Nuix Training IP and materials to provide comprehensive education and training services for end users, delivering courses and certification programs to enhance Nuix software skills and adoption of solutions.



Nuix Neo  

Lean more about Nuix Neo

Demonstrate the depth of your expertise in Nuix’s next generation platform. Nuix Neo.

The Nuix Neo specialization gives you the path to develop your technical skills and business practices. Get recognized as a Nuix Neo specialized partner and give customers the assurance that you can help them solve today’s toughest challenges including data privacy, legal processing, and forensic investigations. This program aims to provide our partners with exclusive benefits, resources, and support to accelerate their success and deliver exceptional value to our joint customers.




Nuix & Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology partnership is formed to deliver Nuix Discover SaaS to help accelerates eDiscovery process so businesses can uncover better evidence, faster. Nuix and AWS is working collaboratively to provide the global infrastructure that allows us to deliver Nuix software as a service (SaaS) product for our customers. As we expand our portfolio of cloud-based software, AWS will remain a critical delivery partner. 

Nuix and AWS leverage our ongoing partnership to deliver the best performance and most reliability for our customers running Nuix on AWS.  Whether it’s data migrations from on-prem to S3 or realizing the benefits of cloud elasticity to unleash the unlimited parallel potential of the Nuix engine Nuix and AWS partner to help our customers win.



Nuix and Veritone have formed a strategic partnership to enhance the value of compliance initiatives, investigations, and eDiscovery. The partnership will deliver seamless integration of Veritone’s aiWARE-powered Redact application into Nuix’s Discover eDiscovery platform to automate, optimize and enhance audio and video redaction workflows to deliver complete end-to-end support for litigation, FOIA, and more.



Nuix partnership with Linkurious & Memgraph, the two pioneers in graph data link analysis technology will provide our customers with an AI-based deep text analytics. With this integration users can leverage graph data output with dynamic, interactive visualizations, providing a deep understanding of relationships and context to drive better decision making.



The industry’s most powerful data processing, search and review platform is exponentially more powerful using an Elasticsearch back-end database. Combined with Nuix, Elasticsearch elevates you to the next level of speed, reliability, and precision. With options for deployment on-premises, in the cloud or taking a hybrid approach, Nuix and Elasticsearch give you complete control and flexibility to take advantage of BareMetal processing power combined with a cloud-based scalable infrastructure.



The Nuix and T3K solution is about bringing together state-of-the-art image and video classification and analysis using machine learning to improve and complement existing workflows for law enforcement and other organizations. With a focus on usability, automation, flexibility, and easy integrations, the T3K's CORE integration into Nuix Workstation can speed up customers’ e-discovery and digital forensics workflows using best-in-class media classifiers.