A major metropolitan Japanese police department with a staff of over 40,000 police officers and over 2,800 civilian personnel are planning to connect the online networks between 97 police stations and its central digital forensics lab. This is to eliminate the physical data transfer that is currently done by car. It is also going to enable local police stations to conduct their own investigations to reduce backlogs and improve efficiency.

Phase one involves implementing Nuix software for investigations, additional users for Nuix Investigate, and customized training & implementation. This will deliver greater efficiency on investigation workflows and will help to build and utilize intelligence, leverage digital crime investigation skills, and bring criminals to justice faster. Nuix partnered with a major IT supplier that packaged whole items such as network, servers, desktops, software licenses, maintenance, and support as a solution that presented a strong proposition.

Nuix was competing against digital forensics players Intella and Magnet AXIOM, which both offer a simple interface and ease of use, but ultimately our scalability and the flexibility to customize our product convinced the client that Nuix would deliver the best solution.