A global law firm with lawyers in more than 40 countries routinely provides its litigation services to government institutions and corporations. Flexibility and scale are required for customers of this magnitude, and the law firm always strives to maintain the highest level of legal practice when it comes to eDiscovery.

Using Nuix Discover®, the law firm can now support its entire legal eDiscovery process end-to-end. While it also uses Relativity, its world-class litigation partners have a strong preference for Nuix Discover as their primary review software. The law firm also encounters pressure from clients who prefer Nuix Discover for case review. From collection to processing, review, analytics, and production, Nuix Discover ensures clients are fitted with the best-in-breed technology required to operate across large legal cases.

As the software of choice among practitioners of the highest caliber, Nuix is always top-of-mind when it comes to legal matters.