A revenue service responsible for the application of national tax and customs systems for an EMEA country required an investigative solution with exceptionally high processing capability. With responsibility for collection of revenue on behalf of the EU, involvement in the prosecution of offenses against the Public Treasury and related to contraband goods, and holding a budget of over €1bn, the agency had significant investigations needs to fulfill.

As an existing Nuix customer, the agency decided to upgrade its setup. Given the success it had with Nuix products in the past, it felt confident that the software could help it handle the increasing number of investigations it was faced with processing. The agency acquired an enhanced Nuix Investigations Lab package that included 80 Nuix Workstation instances, 10 ARX licenses, 90 Reviewer licenses, and two additional Nuix Management Servers. The additional deployment enhances the volume of investigations the agency can undertake and increases the already sizable base of its investigations team that requires Nuix to perform its role.