A federal education agency responsible for the deliver and coordination of early childhood, primary and secondary school, vocational education, adult, migrant, and higher education, faced a significant challenge.

In 2017, shocking allegations were revealed against the department—which represents roughly one-quarter its regional budget each year at $6 billion USD, over 2,240 schools, and enrollment of almost one million students—through Freedom of Information requests. The allegations included hundreds of reports of abuse made about staff within the agency, which it took very seriously and prompted quick action.

In anticipation of broader inquiries into these allegations, the agency sought to equip itself with Nuix Discover, our powerful and intuitive eDiscovery solution.

Given the seriousness and potentially deep impact of these investigations, the agency wanted a solution that was best-of-breed and fit for this specific purpose. Nuix demonstrated the capability of its software as a SaaS solution to get ahead of any impending or future Freedom of Information requests.