Subject access requests come for many companies for a variety of reasons. In this situation, a large international recruitment agency employing thousands of people in 100 offices across 36 countries had a unique source of these requests.

The agency places thousands of candidates in roles every year. Naturally, it also works with many thousands of candidates who don’t receive a job offer. These candidates often blame the recruitment company and submit subject access requests in order to find out why. Facing an increasing number of these subject access requests, the customer sought an efficient and cost-effective solution that would help it respond quickly without hampering its primary business activities.

Nuix created a subject access request solution lab based on Nuix Workstation and Nuix Investigate that provides swift and user-friendly functionality. This enables the agency to respond to subject access requests within the stipulated 30-days in order to avoid regulatory penalties.

Nuix capitalized on a good relationship with an executive who had experienced the benefits of our software in a previous role and was keen to introduce the software to the agency. To reinforce the business case, Nuix expanded the conversation to the legal team, showcasing how litigation use cases could be covered using the same software and leading to a successful implementation of a Nuix-powered subject access request solution.