White Papers

Technology, Truth, and Trust: Illuminating ethical AI

Executives worry about moving too fast with AI but want to capture the productivity uplift in a responsible and ethical way. Download our white paper to discover how three essential technology design principles offer thoughtful guardrails that mitigate risks at both a societal and organizational level. 

  • Explainability – human operators have a clear line of sight to the AI models and training data used, and the reasons behind the AI’s predictions. 
  • Accessibility – a revolution in the user experience that delivers powerful AI capabilities to non-technical end users – and ensures the human stays in control – empowering more people and maximizing the value of your investment in AI. 
  • Specificity – the pragmatic and efficient application of AI drives measurable real-world results, including dramatically improved accuracy and greater credibility in the outcomes. 

Learn how we’ve incorporated these principles into the design of our integrated innovation strategy.