& early case assessment

Quickly ingest data and uncover critical information faster to stay within budget, accelerate timelines, and improve the legal decision-making process.


Act swiftly to uncover the facts, spot notable trends, analyze risks, manage potential liabilities, and minimize costs.

As new data types become available with the ever-evolving technology landscape, it can be a big task for organizations and legal teams to shift through the data and meet the challenges for litigation, public enquiries, and regulatory notices. Regardless of size or complexity, streamline processes to quickly uncover crucial information, spot notable case trends, speed up and enhance the legal decision-making process, and stay within budget. 

  1. Get started on your case sooner

    With the full integration of processing, analysis, review, and production, you can quickly ingest data and start reviewing documents in minutes.

  2. Uncover critical information faster

    With a fully integrated analytics suite, enable all members of the legal team to apply data visualizations and analysis to find key facts and fact patterns more quickly.

  3. Breeze through linear review

    Escape the repetitive grind of linear review and make faster decisions in a single view. By using visual cues and continuous learning to quickly identify relevance and privilege, it becomes easy to find information and eliminate the need to search through hidden windows, tabs, or other inefficient UI mechanics.

  4. Take control of eDiscovery

    Manage your eDiscovery data workflow and end-to-end process to reduce legal fees, accelerate timelines, and improve the legal decision-making process.