Nuix increases its investigations focus and investment

HERNDON, VA - August 19, 2019 - Nuix, a risk, compliance and security software company, today announced it has expanded the capabilities for investigative teams to quickly cull through data and collaborate to uncover hidden insights and relationships in connected data within the Nuix lab solution for digital investigations.

The Nuix lab solution gives investigators unrivalled capabilities to work efficiently on cases of any size, from a single device to terabyte-sized investigations, at speed. Nuix Investigate (formerly Nuix Web Review & Analytics), one of the core technologies of the Nuix lab, enables investigators to establish a case position sooner and identify the most influential suspects. Its new graphical analytical interface shows who is talking to whom, what about, and how often—across many communication channels.


What is Nuix Investigate?

Nuix Investigate also gives investigators a collaborative environment to share, search, and analyze case data from a web browser. Our powerful visualizations show at a glance who the key players are and what they’re up to, so investigators can make faster and better-informed decisions.

“Investigators often tell us how frustrating it is to share digital evidence with stakeholders; usually the digital forensic team is in a separate location to the investigations team and the investigating officers must travel just to look at the data, which is time consuming and costly,” said Paul Slater, Director Government for the EMEA region at Nuix. “With Nuix Investigate, they can review the data from their desks without leaving the office.”

The Nuix Investigate name change reflects how the software allows:

  • Non-technical case investigators to collaboratively review and investigate key evidence
  • Forensic technicians to interrogate data across people, objects, locations, and events
  • Technical analysts to export, analyze, and review data to find relevant information and see links and connections within communications data.

“The Nuix Lab is ideal for local or small regional forensic labs struggling with the expanding volume, variety, and complexity of digital evidence and looking to build or upgrade a dedicated digital forensics facility,” said Mark McCluskie, Head of Investigations EMEA and a former customer. 

“National intelligence agencies and global corporations use our powerful analytical capabilities to build intelligent, collaborative, and cutting-edge workflows to find key threads contained within massive volumes of digital evidence and numerous digital exhibits, for investigations spread across multiple regions or jurisdictions.”

More than 2,000 organizations in over 70 countries use Nuix software. Nuix Investigate gives existing and future customers new opportunities for data review, improved decision-making, and collaboration.

Nuix Investigate demonstrations will be available at:

  • ILTACON in Orlando, FL August 18–22
  • The Nuix User Exchange, September 15–17 at the Hyatt Regency, Huntington Beach (
  • The Forensic Forum Annual Conference in Birmingham, November 12–14.