BSI partners with Nuix to strengthen global footprint in cybersecurity and data management

03, February 2022, London, UK – Today a partnership between BSI the business improvement and standards company, and Nuix, a provider of investigative analytics and intelligence software, will help corporations detect and protect against data breaches and fraudulent behavior – gathering, processing, interpreting and securing evidence to keep organizations safe. 

After a year when the number of cyberattacks has increased globally by triple digits, businesses have never felt more pressure to protect themselves against the evolving threat of cybercriminals. Meanwhile, a 2020 Forrester report has shown that instances of insider threats are growing and account for  43% of all organizational data breaches – posing a financial, regulatory, and reputational risk.

The new partnership will help reduce the threat of both external and internal malicious activities by using a cloud-based eDiscovery solution, enabling organizations to process large volumes of unstructured data that is safely secured in the cloud. 

Nihal Sequeira, EMEA Corporate Executive, Nuix said: “Our partnership with the BSI Digital trust team helps to strengthen our position as a global leader in managing enterprise information. Through harnessing Nuix Discover SaaS, a cloud-based eDiscovery solution, BSI will be able to help businesses to migrate, understand and interpret their data supporting internal investigations, regulatory compliance and prevent data breaches.” 

Mark Brown, Global Managing Director at BSI Digital trust said: "Working with Nuix strengthens our footprint in cybersecurity and data governance.  We selected Nuix as we needed a best-in-breed cloud-based eDiscovery solution, offering both a UK and EMEA-based data residency that will complement and enhance our existing offerings. Businesses will be able to migrate their case data to the Nuix Discover SaaS platform and reduce the time spent reviewing documents with cutting-edge visual analytics.”