World-first XLR8 Conference to showcase global impact of Australian technology

Sydney, Australia – 9 March 2023 – The exponential change in global technology and the proliferation of data will dominate conversations at Nuix’s inaugural customer XLR8 Conference this March, with some of the world’s most significant organizations flocking to Sydney to unpack the latest trends in data, cyber security, and how to resist the ever-evolving technological threats of the modern world. 

The conference will feature prominent keynotes, such as the Ukrainian Ambassador to Australia and New Zealand, Westpac’s cyber investigations division, and global lawyers Ashurst, on the future of data privacy and how organizations can better tackle breaches, as well as several sessions centered on discovery, learning, and networking, and revealing the latest global technologies and services. 

Nuix CEO Jonathan Rubinsztein said: “I’ve been in the role now for just over a year, and the opportunity to continue to refocus and rebuild this Australian-born, global tech business makes me very excited about the future. “We want our partners and delegates to walk away sharing our enthusiasm for the future of data and technology, so we’ve brought in some of the biggest case studies to share their journey this year. 

“We have the Ukrainian Ambassador to Australia and New Zealand speaking about how the rise of open-source intelligence is transforming the face of the conflict in his home country, major partners discussing how they are using Nuix’s AI to transform the flow of data through their companies, we have a powerful keynote on the use of AI media classification in investigations, and much more,” he said. 

The XLR8 conference will run across three major cities, Sydney, London, and Washington, DC, and will be attended by professionals who are charged with protecting organizations and communities by finding truth in complex data. 

In Washington, the Hon. Jeff Bleich, Former US Ambassador to Australia and Deputy Chair of the Nuix Board, will speak and in London David Hasman of the International Criminal Court will deliver an insider's perspective on large and complex investigations with a focus on the role of technology. Prosecutors of the notorious Genoa Bridge Collapse Inquiry will also present in London on their yearlong extensive investigation and analysis of the bridge’s structural failure. 

Under the stewardship of Mr. Rubinsztein, Nuix has focused the last twelve months of activity on solidifying operations and culture, launching powerful new solutions, and improving engagement with customers. Nuix CEO Jonathan Rubinsztein said: “As a truly global company operating out of Australia, we have a very broad customer base with seemingly limitless challenges that we can tackle with our technology. Most of our revenue is generated outside of Australia, so we’re focusing on better understanding our customers and the different operating environments they are working in. 

“This means a lot of feedback, and we’ve listened and found consistency in the big global corporate technology issues." “Companies want turnkey technical solutions rather than buying and installing the separate components that advanced technologies usually require, they want more ‘genius’ and less ‘generalist’ systems to help solve specialist challenges, and they want modern licensing. “Our customers worldwide asked for a one-stop shop – one platform, one solution. This meant an overhaul of how we think at Nuix encompassing three critical principles: speed, smarts, and simplicity." 

“Speed, because our partners want to compress time to value, and start running solutions the day they purchase them. Smarts, because they want workflows that are optimized for specific needs, taught the context of a specific problem. “Simplicity enhances both of those things. Automation, and single sign-on, are the features of intuitive systems that make it easy to get the value out of data science. 

“This revolution in how we think about our technology has pushed us to create a new global solution which we will announce at XLR8, our most powerful solution to date. “The problems that tech leaders are solving are only getting harder, more complex, more wicked, but whether it is a global issue, or a local investigation, whether you are responding to an internal breach or litigation, Nuix creates the solution,” he said.