A privately-owned eDiscovery software and services provider based in the United States provides tailored client services and required a better processing solution to meet client demand and generate more business. With over 10 years of experience providing early case assessment, processing, web hosting, consulting, forensics, and document review, it’s an agile company with a reputation for quality to maintain. Existing solutions simply weren’t satisfactory, and the company was looking to upgrade its eDiscovery technology stack.

The provider regarded Nuix as the best solution to provide the processing volume and velocity it needed to meet client deadlines and requests. By adding Nuix Workstation to its services suite, the customer is now fitted with a best-in-breed, scalable, on-premise eDiscovery processing environment.

In a competitive assessment, Nuix was selected over Relativity and will replace iPro eCapture as its primary processing engine. The customer anticipates being able to meet four times the volume in data processing for its law firm and corporate clients over the next six months due to the power of the Nuix Engine. Complementing this with Nuix training and consulting, it now has a choice partner in Nuix that boost its technical capabilities and marketability.