A French power company whose main industrial activity is linked to nuclear energy—mining, chemistry, enrichment, fuel assembly, reprocessing, engineering, nuclear propulsion and reactors, treatment, recycling, stabilization, and dismantling—needed to extract 12 terabytes of data from its Documentum database to OCR, cleanse, and review. It was imperative it achieved this within an efficient and cost-effective manner and that the data was handled with precision and certainty.

The company is a Nuix Discover customer that expanded its investment in Nuix by purchasing Nuix Workstation. The nuclear reactors business will be able to connect to their Documentum database directly from Nuix which will enable them to extract, OCR, cleanse and review their data quickly and easily.

The customer had experienced firsthand the quality, speed, and versatility of Nuix technology and was confident that Nuix offered the most capable data processing capability on the market. Nuix has since introduced the customer to a consulting firm to assist with the set up and ongoing day-to-day operation of the Nuix Discover and Nuix Workstation project.