An Australian energy company urgently needed to undertake a large eDiscovery exercise that required data collection from 1,500 endpoints and processing of upwards of five terabytes of data. It wanted a solution that would meet its key priorities of efficiency, proficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

A Nuix installation consisting of a 12-core Nuix Workstation and Nuix Enterprise Collection Center for 1,500 endpoints gave the company the ability to collect data from around the business quickly and efficiently. It also enabled the rapid review of data, allowing the company to build an informed picture of data volumes that are relevant to the matter, early case review, and a reduction of data sent to external counsel. Additionally, Nuix will be used for other investigations that fall under the company’s CISO office.

The customer understood the benefits that Nuix offered but was constrained by budget, as such technologies were considered discretionary. However, when an urgent matter surfaced, Nuix’s superlative benefits became obvious, meeting the customer’s requirements for processing speed and forensic soundness.